Hilliard Trash and Recycling Update

The City of Hilliard is currently preparing to solicit bids from haulers for its upcoming residential solid waste collection contract. Although some details are still being finalized, here is a quick update on what the City will be requesting that haulers incorporate into their proposals:


Provide residences with 64-gallon wheeled cart for trash. Residents would have the option to upgrade to a larger 96-gallon cart, with residents paying the difference in cost for the larger container.

The move to standardized containers for trash will allow for automated curbside pickup and increased efficiency, both of which should function to help keep the cost of collection in check.


Provide residences with a 64-gallon wheeled cart for recycling. Residents would have the option to upgrade to a larger 96-gallon cart, at no cost to the resident (City will pick up the difference in cost for the larger container).

Recycling collection would remain weekly, and the City believes that moving from 18-gallon bins to 64-gallon cards will encourage recycling. Also, regarding concerns about storage space for the larger recycling carts, please note that the 64-gallon wheeled carts maintain a nearly identical footprint to that of the 18-gallon bins that residents currently use.

Yard Waste

Continue to provide weekly yard waste collection.


The City will maintain existing discounts such as the Senior Citizen Discount, Hardship Discount, etc.


  1. Laura Kaufman says:

    Please seriously consider the large containers. I have been talking about that ever since I went to Chicago and my mother-in-law has them and I pass by Columbus streets in my neighborhood and they have them. We recycle more than we throw away. I would also like to see more items recycled. In Illinois, they recycle #1-#5 and #7.

  2. Peter Hansen says:

    I agree with Laura. I recently moved from Minnesota and they accept all plastics. Resident participation went up because it was easier to recycle! I would also be in favor of the larger recycling containers and there should not be a problem going to a bi-weekly system if we had more storage for the recyclables.

  3. Ed Davis says:

    Our subdivision bylaws prohibit storing garbage cans outside. The must be kept in the garage or fines can be issued. I do not have room to store 2 large containers in my garage. Please take this into account during your decision process.

  4. Go Green Hilliard says:

    Thanks to all those who have taken the time to complete the survey! Your input is extremely valuable and we are definitely taking your responses into consideration.

    To address a couple of common questions that have been posed… the monthly cost to residents will ultimately depend on what bid packages the City receives from the various haulers. It is worth noting that we would not anticipate a significant cost increase, if any, associated with a move to a standard wheeled container for trash.

    Also, most wheeled recycling containers maintain the same footprint as the 18-gallon bins, although dimensions at the top of the container can indeed vary.

  5. Michelle McMahon says:

    The larger containers would be much appreciated in our very windy neighborhood. Frequently the residents place their recyclables out the evening before and the wind blows a great deal of items right out of the red bins. Additionally, having only one container of recycles to get to the curb is much more convenient than 3 or 4. Not to mention…I sort of feel like all my neighbors know what products I use pretty easily – as they are all sitting there in the recycle bin ! Lol!

  6. betty miller says:

    I am in favor of people having the big cans if they need them, but I am older and have enough trouble pulling the green can down to the curb and back.

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