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Yard Waste Collection
Bulk Pick-Up
Residential Recycling Drop-Box Locations
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Curbside Recycling

Local Waste Services provides trash, recycling, and yard waste hauling services for the City of Hilliard. Each single-family residence is provided with 65-gallon wheeled containers for trash and recycling (condominium residences receive 35-gallon containers). To request a larger or smaller size container, call the Trash Collection Services Help Line at (614) 334-1209. A $21.50 fee will apply for a larger trash container. A larger recycling container can be obtained at no additional cost.

Collection Schedule

Trash, recycling, and yard waste will be collected every Tuesday. All items must be placed outside for collection before 7 a.m. If a holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday collection service will be on Wednesday.

What is acceptable for recycling?

  • Paper products: newspaper including inserts, junk mail, magazines, cardboard boxes (flattened to 3′ x 3′), computer paper, brown paper bags, phone books, catalogs, folders and paperboard (i.e. cereal, food and beverage boxes).
  • All Plastic Bottles: milk jugs and soda, water, sport drink, laundry detergent, shampoo and contact solution bottles.  Please empty bottles and remove caps.
  • Glass Bottles and Jars: from food or drinks.
  • Aluminum Cans: beverage and food cans.
  • Steel Cans: food, soup and aerosol cans (tips removed).

What is not acceptable for recycling?

  • Plastic bags
  • Tissues/napkins
  • Food trays
  • Butter tubs, buckets
  • Window panes
  • Drinking glasses
  • Pots and pans
  • Plates, cups, utensils
  • Light bulbs
  • Clothing
  • Wood
  • Toys

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Yard Waste Collection

Collection Schedule

Trash, recycling, and yard waste will be collected every Tuesday. All items must be placed outside for collection before 7 a.m. If a holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday collection service will be on Wednesday.

Yard Waste Preparation

Yard waste typically consists of organic waste generated during regular household gardening and landscaping activities, such as grass clippings, leaves, twigs, branches, shrubbery and other garden residues.

Loose Material: Place it in biodegradable (paper) bags or rigid containers. Contact the Hilliard Service Department or Rumpke for stickers to attach to containers designated for yard waste. Bags are generally available for purchase at home improvement or grocery retail stores. Please do not line the paper bags with plastic bags.

Branches: Cut branches to less than 4 feet in length. Tie the branches into bundles with string or twine. The diameter of each bundle should not exceed 2 feet.

Weight Restrictions: Each container, bag or bundle must weigh less than 50 pounds. Containers meeting this requirement will likely have a 30-35 gallon capacity.

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Bulk Pick-Up

Bulk items and additional material will be collected at the same time as all other items.

Appliances with Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC): For appliances such as refrigerators or personal air conditioner units, please contact Local Waste Services at (614) 409-9375 (a $50 fee for removal of CFC gasses will apply).

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Residential Recycling Drop-Box Locations

Please visit SWACO to locate the nearest residential recycling drop-box location.

The listing of any of the organizations by SWACO on this website is not an endorsement of any particular business or organization over another. SWACO is not responsible or liable for the collections, operations, processing, policies, disposal or transportation of recyclable materials by any of the listed organizations. If you have any questions about the services provided by those listed, SWACO urges you to ask those questions before turning over your equipment for recycling.

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Recycling for Apartment and Condominium Complexes

The City of Hilliard does not coordinate recycling for residents of apartment and condominium complexes. Instead, property managers or individual residents must coordinate recycling pick-up services. Below is a listing of companies providing recycling services for apartment and condominium complexes. If you would like to be added to this list, please contact the ESC.

(614) 289-8727

VIP Waste Services
(614) 383-8398

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Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste (HHW) may not be disposed of in your trash. The following items can be disposed of at the SWACO’s HHW center located at:

645 E. 8th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43201
Phone: 614-294-1300

Weekly Hours (Closed Holidays)

Wednesdays: 12pm-6pm
Thursdays: 9am-5pm
Fridays: 12pm-6pm

Items Accepted at SWACO’s HHW Center

Flammables Adhesives:
Oil Based Paint
Motor Oil
Old Gasoline
Gasoline mixed with oil
Spray Paint
Lighter Fluid
Propane cylinders & tanks
Oxygen tanks

Pool Chemicals


Acids & Caustics
Bleach & Household Cleaners
Paint Strippers


All Fluorescent Light Bulbs including Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFL’s) and Ballasts
Lawn Chemicals & Fertilizers
Fire Extinguishers
Rat Poison
Household, vehicle, computer, and other batteries

Smoke detectors
Thermostats containing mercury
Helium tanks

Fats, Oils and Greases:
Items will be accepted if delivered in a tightly sealed container.

Items NOT Accepted at SWACO’s HHW Center

  • Asbestos
  • Appliances
  • Computers
  • Tires
  • Ammunition
  • Trash
  • Needles & medical waste

HHW Mobile Collections

SWACO also offers several mobile HHW collection days throughout the year.

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Electronics Recycling

Click here for a (partial) listing of electronics recycling providers located in Central Ohio.

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Furniture Recycling

If you have furniture that is in usable condition or old appliances that are still in working order please donate!  The below organizations accept gently used items for reuse:

Furniture Bank of Central Ohio – Offers a free pickup service

Goodwill Columbus
Goodwill Columbus accepts gently used furniture. Also accepts at various drop-off locations around Columbus, Please see website for all locations.  For further information please contact Kat Ellery: Kathleen Ellery

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
East: 3140 Westerville Rd, Columbus 43224
West: 240 N. Wilson Rd, Columbus, 43201

Office Furniture
King Business Interiors Inc.
6155 Huntley Rd, Suite D, Columbus, OH 43229
King Business Interiors accepts gently used office furniture for redistribution to non-profits. All items need to be evaluated before accepted. For further information please contact Darla King

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Tire Recycling

Liberty Tire Recycling
3041 Jackson Pike
Columbus, Ohio 43223
(614) 871-8097

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Construction and Demolition Debris

Construction and Demolition Debris (C&DD) materials must be disposed of at C&DD disposal facilities. The following is a list of C&DD disposal facilities in Central Ohio. If you would like to be added to this list, please contact the ESC.

Frank Road C & D Recycling Solutions
2230 Brown Road
Columbus, Ohio

Scott Wrecking C & D Landfill
1377 Harmon Avenue
Columbus, Ohio

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Composting is a viable option for both home owners and apartment dwellers. The most common method employed is the backyard container, which can be either a stationary vessel or a rotating bin. Each needs to have the contents turned periodically to supply sufficient oxygen and to mix the decaying material. In addition, adequate moisture is necessary to maintain decomposition. Getting the right mix of brown (shredded newspaper and leaves) and green material (grass clippings and vegetable scraps) is important, with the recommended ratio of 25-30 parts browns (high in carbon) to 1 part green (high in nitrogen).  A ratio greater than 30:1 will slow down the process, and a lower ratio will result in an objectionable odor.

If outdoor yard space is limited, then a smaller compost bin with worms can be used indoors.  Shredded newspaper is the primary brown material, with food scraps (bread, vegetables, coffee grounds and filter, fruits) providing the nitrogen (green material). It is highly recommended that you avoid meat, fish and dairy products.

If you want to avoid the hassles of composting, but want the final product, then “Compost Columbus” offers food waste pick-up service for Franklin County residents. For a monthly fee, the service will pick up your food waste either weekly or biweekly and then route the compost back to you twice a year (or if not wanted give it to local farmers, gardeners or charitable organizations).

Additional resources:

Planet Natural at:

Eartheasy at:

Compost Guide at:

U.S. EPA at:

Compost Columbus at:

Easy Worm Bin at:


Improve Net:

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